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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know

What is magickimg?
Magickimg is an AI-driven platform harnessing the power of deep learning for revolutionary image enhancement. Our sophisticated tools utilize AI, transforming and optimizing your photos to their fullest potential. Experience the intersection of creativity and technology with advanced AI and deep learning capabilities for image editing.
Is this app free?
Magickimg provides 10 trial credits per month for free accounts. To obtain more credits, you can purchase a subscription account.
Does Magickimg have an affiliate program?
Yes, you can apply for the affiliate program at Affiliates and earn up to $59.76 on each sale.
Can I request a refund?

Subscribers can cancel subscription at anytime, with cancellations taking effect after the current billing cycle ends.

Please ensure to fully evaluate our services before subscribing, as our high GPU processing costs prevent us from offering refunds.

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